David Beckham Warned Not to Swim in the Amazon

David BeckhamDavid Beckham recently visited the Amazon to shoot a documentary. He was warned not to swim in the region.  This is because the candiru fish attacks via a persons genitals.  The candiru fish is native to the Amazon basin.  The fish as known as a “vampire fish” enters ones body through the urethra.  They then eat their way through a persons private parts.  The fish also targets peoples rear sides as well.  The fish are extremely tiny and are almost transparent.  Thus they are very hard to see.

Once the fish makes it’s way into the urethra it feeds on blood, thus the name “vampire fish”.  It will extend its barbs into the surrounding skin tissue, thus causing excruciating pain to its victim.  The pain is so severe that many victims die of shock.  Unfortunately the only cure is surgery and this too is life threatening.

The 90 minute documentary film will be featured on BBC in June to coincide with the start of the World Cup in Brazil.  The film will feature Beckham taking a secret expedition through the Amazon and discovering the beauties of Brazil. Local officials will urge visitors of the World Cup to not swim in the Amazon region due to the dangerous fish.

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