Unique Places of Interest

Amazon RiverThere are several places to go in the Amazon rainforest; it would probably be difficult to know all of them. A good start is visiting the Brazilian national parks in the region, most of them don’t have much infrastructure for tourists but this is quickly being developed and you should find very good conditions by the end of 2005. You can go there now, but they will not have a ” Visitor Center ” or anything similar.

Serra do Divisor National Park

Located in Brazil , Serra do Divisor National Park share its frontier with Peru . Deep inside the Amazon Rain Forest this National Park doesn’t have tourist infrastructures yet and the management staff stays in the City of Cruzeiro do Sul ( Acre State ). This area has many indigenous reservations and other protected areas too. Serra do Divisor National Park is very important for the West Indian Manatee conservation.

Cabo Orange National Park

This National Park is the only one in the Amazon rainorest on the coastline. The vegetation and fauna found there is slightly different from the other parks, since it is influenced by the Atlantic ocean ecosystem. This Park has some infrastructure but just for their permanent staff, not for visitors yet. Nevertheless it’s possible to visit the park by boat from the Oiapoque city in the Amapa state of Brazil . It’s a unique place to see the transition of two very different ecosystems, the Amazon rainforest and the Atlantic Ocean.

Tumucumaque Mountains National Park

Tumucumaque Mountains National Park is the biggest tropical forest protected area of the world. This is a very new protected area created in late 2002, there is no infrastructure at all but their staff is already working on establishing the area. This is a very preserved area on the Amazon rainforest. This Park is also in Brazil and extends to French Guiana on the north. There are some expectations that the French Guiana government will create a similar protected area and both will protect each other. To visit Tumucumaque Mountains National Park you can go from Macapa (capital of the Amapa state) or Oiapoque, the same city that serves as a base for the Cabo Orange National Park .

Cantão State Park

Located in the Brazilian state of Tocantins, this state protected area is just where the Amazon Rain Forest begins, showing the transition between the Cerrado ecosystem (a savanna-like ecosystem in middle of Brazil ) and the rainforest. This is a new Park and even Brazilians don’t know it very well. Also, this is one of the few protected areas that actually have tourist infrastructure. To visit this park you should go to the Tocantins state capital Palmas.

Jau National Park

This is another giant protected area with similar size to Belgium . This park is close to Manaus (capital of Amazonas State in Brazil ) which has all the accommodations and services tourists could need. This park has awesome rivers to explore by voadeira and canoes. In this area you can also hire a medium size boat for a whole day or even an overnight trip if you are traveling in a group. It’s a very nice way to go where regular tourists don’t go due to lack of transportation. The Jau National surroundings have some regular tourist activities like the wonderful Carabinani river.


Mamiraua is an astonishing place and provides full services for tourists, including a floating hotel. The area of Mamiraua is probably the most beautiful in the whole Amazon rainforest. The whole region is made of flooded forest and you can enter the forest with a canoe or just do trekking in the marked trails for tourists. To go to Mamiraua you need to go to City of Tefe , in the Amazonas State.

There are many other places, the ones named above just show a small part of it, in Colombia you can visit the “Salto Angel” waterfall. This is the biggest waterfall in the world located in the Amazon rainforest and has more than half mile of free falling water, another wonderful view. There are also possibilities to visit indigenous tribes in some places and see their rituals live. Wherever you go, you will like it, there is so much to be seen that you don’t risk get bored over there. The toughest part is choosing how much time you want to spend on your trip!

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